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We sense how difficult it can be when you have a pet emergency. At GRAH, we are here to help your calmness of mind and your pet’s health. Start by reviewing this article to prepare for any pet emergency. 

Keep Calm and Try Not to Panic 

Assess the scene for any extra threats to you or your pet. This is important for everyone’s welfare. 

Keep Your Pet Warm 

And as still and hushed as possible. Keep activity to a minimum, mainly if there are neurological signs, broken bones, or any chance of a spinal injury. 

pet-emergency-care-kingstonCall to Let the Facility Know That You Are on Your Way 

Call us for Your Pet emergency care service so, we may prepare for your arrival. Explain what has happened and follow the specific advice given. 

Safely Move or Transport an Injured Dog or Cat 

Get somebody to help you. For a small dog or cat, put it into its carrier, or use a satisfactory container such as a strong cardboard box.   

For a larger dog, use a temporary stretcher made out of some rigid material such as a suitable sized, sturdy piece of wood. Carefully move the dog onto a blanket or coat so that it can be gently moved to the carrier, box, or stretcher. The blanket will help secure the neck and spine and prevent unintended biting or groove from the injured pet. 

Know the Proper Restraint for an Injured Pet 

Most of the injured pets will be scared, disoriented, or painful. The stress of an emergency requires a pet can cause an otherwise friendly dog or cat to act aggressively.  

Although most panicky dogs and cats respond to a calm, soothing voice and stroking of the head and shoulders, it is important to maintain your safety by using caution when proceeding toward or touching an injured pet. because during pet emergency care service it can save some time. 

Dog Muzzles: 

You can make a muzzle out of a ropegirdle, rope, or pair of pantyhose or tights. Make a loop in the string and lasso it on all sides of the muzzle, secure it to prevent the animal from biting. Dogs have only one muscle to open their jaw so once the jaw is closed, it is relatively easy to clutch it safely shut. Don’t worry, dogs can easily respire through their nostrils unless their nose is injured or block. 

pet-emergency-care-service Cat Muzzles: 

Muzzles can be hard to put onto a cat, due to the figure of most cats’ faces. There is specific muzzles sketch for use in cats, but they are seldom handy when an emergency strike! For some cats, it may be possible to loop an improvisational muzzle made from a piece of rope or a pair of pantyhose around the cat’s head to stop it from biting.  

If you can safely get the jaw closed, it is comparatively easy to keep it closed because cats only have one muscle to open their jaw. If not, you can drape a towel over the cat’s head to provide some measure of protection. 

Wrap your cat or dog snugly in a blanket to minimize movement during transportation 

Be very careful of doing this if there is a probability of broken bones or spinal injury. If you have a suspicion a spinal injury or torn bone, lay your pet on a board to paralyze it with straps or cords. Pay special attention to immobilizing the head and neck. 

At Grah Kingston, we have a diverse and talented team of Veterinary professionals. You can trust the skills of our vets, leaving the care and treatment of your pet in their capable hands. Let us earn your trust by becoming one of our veterinary families at GRAH    

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