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Parasite Control Service: Signs of Fleas in Your Pet

Fleas are a parasite that causes inflammation and severe itching in dogs and humans. There are a few common signs your dog is suffering from fleas, such as constant scratching. Continue reading to see if your dog needs flea and tick medication from the veterinarian at vet clinics Kingston.

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Parasite Control Service: Signs of Fleas in Your Pet
Parasite Control Service: Signs of Fleas in Your Pet

Your dog seems restless.

Before you see the actual fleas on your dog, you will likely see changes in his behavior. Restlessness typically in the form of shaking the head or continually moving is a common sign of fleas in a pet. Your dog may be shaking his head or moving around in an attempt to escape the constant need to itch. Restlessness can also be a sign of other conditions, so it is best to address it soon.

Your dog has been scratching.

If you have spotted your dog scratching himself vigorously and continually, then he may have fleas. You may also see scratch marks in or near your dog’s ears, belly, and armpits. If the scratching has become severe and excessive, you may see signs of hair loss in certain areas. Your dog may also find other ways to scratch hard-to-reach areas, such as rubbing against a rough tree or wall. If you notice these habits, look for the possibility of fleas right away.

You can see the fleas.

The clearest sign of fleas will be spotting them on your dog or your property. Fleas can be difficult to spot because they are so small and can jump very quickly. However, if the infestation has become serious, you may easily see fleas moving and jumping around on your dog. If you suspect your dog or property has fleas, then consult with your veterinarian at vet clinics Kingston about the best flea and tick medications and techniques to get rid of them.

Parasite Control Service: Signs of Fleas in Your Pet
Parasite Control Service: Signs of Fleas in Your Pet

Don’t let fleas take over your and your dog’s life; call your veterinarian at Gardiners Road Animal Hospital +1 613-634-(KVET)5838 to learn about the different flea and tick medications available. Our vets and support staff want you and your dog to have a healthy and happy life, so please call us for more information about fleas and other concerns.

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