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Parasite Control Service: Protecting Your Pet Against Ticks

Your pet is your best friend, and it’s up to you to make sure he leads a happy and healthy life. As the weather warms up, your pet will probably be spending more time outside. Unfortunately, some pests live outside that can harm your four-legged friend. That’s why you need to take steps to protect your pet against ticks and other pests, such as fleas, so that he can keep playing for a long time to come. Read on to learn what you and your Kingston vet can do to help protect your pet against ticks.

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Parasite Control Service: Protecting Your Pet Against Ticks
Parasite Control Service: Protecting Your Pet Against Ticks

Environmental Protection

It will be much harder for your dog to get a tick if you take steps to prevent them from getting into your yard in the first place. Use a pet-friendly spray to treat your yard for ticks, remembering that you may need to use it every week or two for maximum protection. You should also be vigilant about removing leaves and brush from your yard, as ticks can hide in these types of places.

Tick Control

Even when you treat your yard for ticks, it’s still possible that your pet could get one. That’s why you should treat your pet with a preventive product. Talk to your veterinarian about what you should use with your pet since there are some options available. You could use a topical medication on your pet, or an oral medication that may help repel fleas as well as ticks. Make sure you are consistent in giving your pet his flea and tick medications, as a missed dose can increase his risk of acquiring a tick.

Tick Checks

You should be familiar with your pet’s body so that you can tell if there are any changes to let your veterinarian at vet clinics Kingston know about. Check your pet for ticks every time he comes inside, especially if he has been in a densely vegetated area.

Parasite Control Service: Protecting Your Pet Against Ticks
Parasite Control Service: Protecting Your Pet Against Ticks

At Gardiners Road Animal Hospital in Kingston, we care for your pets as though they were our own. Visit our pet hospital in Kingston to learn more about preventing ticks on your pet, and what we can do to help your best friend have a long and happy life.

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