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Parasite Control Service: How Do Flea and Tick Medication Work?

Fleas and ticks aren’t just an irritation for dogs and cats they can cause serious harm. A flea plague can cause anemia and allergic reactions, as well as tapeworm infections and other diseases. Similarly, ticks can transmit diseases, including Lyme disease. Providentially, there are multiple methods of protecting your pet from these pests. Talk to your veterinarian at vet clinics Kingston about a flea and tick medication that’s right for your pet. Here’s a look at how they work.

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Parasite Control Service: How Do Flea and Tick Medication Work
Parasite Control Service: How Do Flea and Tick Medication Work

Liquid flea and tick medication or spot treatments are applied directly to the pet’s skin. Always follow the product’s directions which will usually instruct you to apply the medication to the base of the neck or along the spine. Contemporary medications need to be reapplied periodically for continuous protection.

They work by inserting a chemical compound into the oil glands of the skin. These oil glands then spread the compound throughout the skin. The compound works by attacking the central nervous system of fleas and ticks preventing them from sucking blood from the animal. Some topical applications are also capable of targeting flea and tick eggs to prevent new plagues.

Antiseptic Collars

Antiseptic collars tend to last much longer than topical applications for about eight to nine months. Some medicated collars work by repelling fleas and ticks. They release a compound that is unpleasant to these parasites. Other antiseptic collars both repel fleas and ticks and treat existing swarms. Similar to topical drugs an antiseptic collar that can kill existing fleas and ticks works by releasing a chemical compound into the pet’s oil glands.

Parasite Control Service: How Do Flea and Tick Medication Work
Parasite Control Service: How Do Flea and Tick Medication Work

Oral Flea and Tick Medication

Oral flea and tick medications that the animal must swallow. Now, there are only oral medicines available to treat fleas but not ticks. This means you must use another medication to prevent tick plagues along with the oral pill for fleas. Oral medicines work in different ways depending on the specific brand and medication. Some of them kill adult fleas, while others kill flea larvae or prevent fleas from laying eggs.

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