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Nutrition Services: Is Grain-Free Food Right for Your Dog

With regards to taking care of your canine, there are endless decisions accessible that it very well may be hard to pick the correct sort of food. One thing you may see that there are more sans grain choices accessible than any time in recent memory. However, is a without grain diet directly for your canine? In limited cases, canines can indeed benefit from a non-traditional diet, but it’s always best to consult your veterinarian at vet clinics Kingston for personalized guidance.

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Nutrition Services: Is Grain-Free Food Right for Your Dog
Nutrition Services: Is Grain-Free Food Right for Your Dog

Understanding Grains in Dog Food

Dog food can contain a variety of grains, including corn, wheat, barley, and oats. These grains provide dogs with essential nutrients, like fiber for good digestion and carbohydrates for energy. Dogs also get an essential fatty acid from grains, as well as some protein. Some puppy caretakers switch to grain-free food out of the belief that grains are difficult for dogs to digest.

However, throughout the course of their evolution, dogs have undergone genetic modifications that allow them to easily digest the grains that their ancient ancestors might not have eaten. Other puppy parents might switch to grain-free food, believing that it helps prevent obesity. Yet, grain-free dog food must include carbs from other sources, like potatoes and peas. This can actually cause unintentional weight gain.

Determining If Your Dog Needs Grain-Free Food

Since grains provide important nutrients and energy for dogs, and because most dogs are able to digest grains perfectly well, the only medical reason to give a dog grain-free food is the presence of a food allergy. Note that food allergies in dogs are uncommon. The vast majority of dogs who do have animal allergies are actually allergic to the protein in beef not to grains.

Dairy is the second most common food allergen in canines, with corn being a very distant third. However, if your dog is displaying signs of a possible food allergy, you’ll want to schedule a vet appointment at vet clinics Kingston. Your vet can determine if a food allergy is causing your pet’s symptoms. If so, he or she can recommend an appropriate food for your dog.

Nutrition Services: Is Grain-Free Food Right for Your Dog
Nutrition Services: Is Grain-Free Food Right for Your Dog

The knowledgeable veterinarians at Gardiners Road Animal Hospital can help you identify the best food for your dog’s needs. We offer a complete range of veterinary services in Kingston from wellness exams and vaccines to diagnostics and surgery.

Pet owners are welcome to visit our Animal Hospital in Kingston. Ongoing proper nutrition services in Kingston, leading to optimum health and performance is an important goal for every pet owner.


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