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Kingston Vet: Tips for Calming Your Nervous Dog

When you leave your pet alone or a rainstorm hits, you may notice your dog becoming nervous or disturbed. This is not a healthy state of mind for your pet so it is important to calm him as much as possible. Stay reading to learn a few tips to help quiet your worried dog.

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Kingston Vet: Tips for Calming Your Nervous Dog
Kingston Vet: Tips for Calming Your Nervous Dog

Provide Physical Contact Opportunities

If your dog is moaning, striding, shaky, or exhibiting other nervous symptoms then give him a chance to get close to you. Most dogs are social creatures who love and need physical contact with their owners. Though, some canines may lash out or become aggressive when they are nervous or overcome. Do not grab or pet your dog forcefully. Let him come to you by sitting near him in a desired spot of the house or present your hand to smell.

Take Energizing Walks and Playtime

Exercise is essential to keep anxiety levels down in humans and animals. If your canine encounters division uneasiness or appears to be anxious frequently, at that point focus on strolls and recess. Dogs should be walked daily to release stress and maintain a healthy weight. In addition to daily walks be sure to play with your canine regularly.

Examine Your Surroundings

If your canine appears unusually worried then examine yourself and your surroundings. Dogs will respond to human feelings so your high anxiety levels may be upsetting your dog’s nerves. Your dog could also be responding to a stranger, noises, other animals, or traces in the abrupt area.

Kingston Vet: Tips for Calming Your Nervous Dog
Kingston Vet: Tips for Calming Your Nervous Dog

Play Mood-Specific Music

Animals retort to music the same way that humans do. It can calm them make them fidgety, and cause other reactions. If your dog is nervous when you leave or during rainstorms, then play dog-friendly music to calm him.

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