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Flea and Tick Prevention: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Pet Owner

Got a fuzzy companion? It’s an ideal opportunity to look over approaches to keep flea and tick and the terrible sicknesses they spread away from them.  

These bugs can make both of you debilitated and awkward. A lot of items can keep them under control, yet you need to realize how to utilize them securely. 


Timing Is Everything 

When would it be advisable for you to treat your canine with flea or tick items? It relies upon where you reside.  

Fleas are most noticeably terrible during warm-climate months, yet they can be inside your home the entire year. Spring and summer are normally the heaviest time for ticks. However, they can live all year in certain pieces of the U.S. 

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On the off chance that you see indications of these bugs on your pet, treat them immediately. Something else, start treatment toward the start of flea or tick season. Your vet can reveal to you when in the event that you don’t know. A few regions require all-year treatment. 

Types of Prevention 

Numerous flea medicines are available. Some likewise forestall ticks or different bugs.  

The most well-known items are pills and the “right on target” medicines that go onto your canine’s back under their hide. They function admirably and are not difficult to apply. Different items come as plunges, shampoos, collars, foggers, and showers. 

Safety Guidelines 

1.Check with your vet before you utilize any flea or tick item. This is critical if your canine has a past filled with seizures or is: 

  • Taking other drugs 
  • Old 
  • Sick 
  • A puppy 
  • Pregnant or nursing 
  • Allergic to flea products 

In these cases, the vet might suggest you use a special comb to pick up fleas and ticks prevention. Then you can drown the pests in a bowl of hot, soapy water. 


  1. Adhere to guidelines. Try not to utilize canine items on a feline, as this could be destructive. Just apply the sum required for your pet’s size. Never get serious about items. There’s no compelling reason to combine a powder with a right on the money treatment.
  2. Wear gloves, or wash your hands with a cleanser and water after you apply the medication. Adhere to the guidelines for legitimate capacity and removal of bundling.
  3. Keep pets separated while the item dries. You don’t need them to prepare one another and swallow the synthetic substances.
  4. Watch for indications of a response, particularly if it’s the first occasion when you’re utilizing the item. Call your vet if your canine has side effects, for example:
  • Poor appetite 
  • Vomiting or diarrhea 
  • A lot of drooling 
  • Depression 
  • Seizure 

Carpets, Floors, and Yards 

It’s anything but enough to treat your pet. You additionally need to control bothers inside and outside your home. In the event that you need to utilize a creepy-crawly executioner in your home, ask your vet or an exterminator which ones are protected around pets and kids.  


Find these additional ways to oversee fleas inside: 

  • Vacuum daily, including carpets, cushioned furniture, baseboards, and the basement. Throw away the vacuum bag or thoroughly wash the canister after each use. 
  • Steam-clean regularly, especially in areas where your dog sleeps. 
  • Wash pet and human bedding at least every 2 to 3 weeks. 

Here are tips to control pests in your yard: 

  • Regularly remove leaf litter, tall grass, and brush. 
  • Get rid of plants that attract deer, since deer carry ticks. 
  • Cover garbage and store it out of reach of raccoons and rodents, which host flea and tick. 
  • Trade chemicals for nematodes. These microscopic worms kill flea larvae and cocoons. Ask your pet or garden store for details. 

At GRAH, we have a diverse and talented team of Veterinary professionals. You can trust the skills of our vets, leaving the care and treatment of your pet in their capable hands. Let us earn your trust by becoming one of our veterinary families at GRAH.  

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