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Animal Skin Problems: Why Does Your Dog Keep Scratching?

Scratching is ordinary conduct for canines of all ages. Though, if your furry friend seems to be scratching more often than usual this could indicate an underlying medical problem. From skin disorders to pest infestations and more itchy skin and everyday scratching can be a symptom of a variety of health issues. Let’s take a look at three reasons why your dog may be scratching himself.

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Animal Skin Problems: Why Does Your Dog Keep Scratching?
Animal Skin Problems: Why Does Your Dog Keep Scratching

Dry Skin

Just like people, dogs can sometimes suffer from very dry skin. Dry skin in dogs often occurs during the driest months of the year when low humidity and high heat can cause the skin to become blistering and prickly.

Your canine may likewise create dry skin if his eating regimen is low in fundamental oils. If dietary changes or over-the-counter lotions do not soothe the issue, you may need to make an appointment with your vet at vet clinics Kingston.

Animal Allergies

Animal Allergies are another normal reason for scratchy in canines. Canines can be oversensitive to an assortment of natural conditions, including dust, dust parasites, and the fixings in specific sorts of nourishments. To sort out whether your canine’s scratching is because of hypersensitivities, you should carry him to the vet for sensitivity testing.

Animal Skin Problems: Why Does Your Dog Keep Scratching?
Animal Skin Problems: Why Does Your Dog Keep Scratching


Fleas are the pest of any pet owner’s reality. Without proper treatment and regular medication, your dog’s fur may provide the perfect habitat for fleas to grow and thrive.

If your canine’s scratching is accompanied by small jumping insects or a red rash on the base of the tail and belly this is an indication that you have a flea problem. Your vet at vet clinics Kingston will be able to provide you with special flea and tick medications that will knock out fleas on your pet and your property.

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